Week #38

When we started our veggie garden many moons ago, our 9-year old wanted to start her own little field of flowers.  So, she bought a packet of sunflower seeds and planted those in a small container.  Of the seeds in our garden, the sunflowers were the first to sprout and continued to grow exponentially

Our 3 year old wanted his own container, so we planted some more.  He inspects his plants often and makes sure that they are watered regularly.

Our sunflower plants are now at least 2 feet high and loaded with lots of buds and blooms.  They have since outgrown their small containers and are planted directly in the soil.  We now have a total of at least 15 sunflower plants and the number continues to rise.

Of course, these babies are the perfect subjects when trying out our new lens and extender tube combination. 

We have been able to capture angles and details we do not typically see using our standard lenses.  And, just to put things in perspective, these blooms are about 1-2 inches in diameter from tip to tip (2 inches for the flowers that are fully open).

Our kids love watching the blooms face up to the sun mid-day and gently bow down towards the end of the day.  We call it the sunflower dance.

In another month or so, one side of our flower beds would probably be outrun by sunflowers.   But we are not complaining...

Happy weekend, everyone!

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