a right of passage

To a little boy, life is simple.  It involves cars, twucks, Thomas the train, and Chuggington, for the most part.  A trip to TrainTown in Sonoma, California is almost like a right of passage.

I cannot imagine a train aficionado going through life without riding a miniature steam train.

From the website:
Sonoma TrainTown is a one-and-one-quarter-mile scale railroad adventure with narrow-gauge train replicas of those back in the good ol’ days!

These are very realistic replicas of real trains down to the railing, the lamps and windows.

 Part of the ride included a stopover at a replica of an old town. 

There was a mercantile --- their version of our Safeway or Lucky's supermarket.

Their very own Fire Department complete with fire tank.  I was wondering where all the hunky firemen were.

A livery where they kept their horses.

 And, when you needed to "go," your very own outhouse, 1800s edition.

It even had its own miniature water tank.

If you have a train aficionado in your family - this is one place you need to visit in Northern California!

On a not-so-related note, have you noticed the slight change in temperature where you live?  Our highs are now in the mid 80s (down from the mid-90s) and I cannot believe we are in September.  Wow, that means, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner...


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