a perfectly imperfect ruffled scarf

Some people bake when they need to deal with stress.  My friend Linders makes the most delightful cupcake concoctions when she is stressed.  We look forward to her taking on another major project in the near future.
Others indulge in mind-numbing activities on the Wii or Playstation.  Our entertainment center is filled with games such as Company of Heroes, Call of Duty, and Boom Blox.  Don't even get me started on Beatles Rockband and Bejewelled...

Me? There was a time when I spent countless nights with the Hunk finishing Metal Gear Solid.  Now I tend to our veggie garden whenever possible.  However, plants can only grow so much on a daily basis.  Hence, the need for other stress relievers.

I could cook or bake.  But, really, what is the fun in that when there are restaurants and bakeshops within a 15 mile radius from where we live? And, more importantly, people have been known to refuse my veggie-infused breads and cupcakes.

Which brings me to my latest (re)discovery.


Yarn + crochet needle = unlimited possibilities.

I can stop anytime.  I can pick up where I left off in no time. I am partial to the loose yarns in variegated colors.  I am into teal and burgundy colors right now. 

I tried following crochet books from the library only to realize that:

-I could not keep count of the chains I was making even if my life depended on it.
-Was that 11 or 12?
-My chain tension was erratic.  Something about poor hand and eye coordination.
-I can't get dc, sc, or hdc.
-I am easily distracted.

Wanting to create a long narrow scarf, I started with 12 single chains, and made about the equivalent of 6 inches worth of rows.  Then, I made about 14 inches of rows of double chains, 4 inches of single chains, and then another 14 inches of rows of double chains.  I then made about 6 inches of rows of single chains.

This is a rough estimate of what transpired.  There were half double chains somewhere in there.  I just can't tell you where it happened.

Then, as if that was not enough.  I made half double chains on one of the sides of the scarf for a ruffled effect.

This would probably not get a passing grade from my mom who is a retired home ec teacher.  But the project has consumed my attention in a productive way.

When I made a mistake, I just backtracked, undid the chains, and started over.

Don't you wish that life is this simple?  Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not.

Off to find a family member willing to wear my creations,

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