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Week #35

Inspired by a set of vintage summer photos from a professional photographer's blog, I tried to create my own version using photos from past projects, added texture and Photoshop actions.  The result - soft, dreamy, vintage shots...

Here are the "before" photos -

I added some textural elements (with a fill layer of teal over linen texture).  Here's our quick tutorial on how to add texture.

Using our standard linen texture photo, I added a fill layer (solid color) in a nice teal blue shade.  I then flattened the image and created a duplicate layer.

I dragged the duplicate onto the flower photo and adjusted the opacity to about 40% on overlay mode.  I flattened the image, used a little Photoshop action (soft & faded from PWactions), and adjusted opacity to about 35%.

I also added my monogram onto the photo for effect.  Here's a quick tutorial on adding text to your pictures.

Here are the "after" photos -

Awesome reminders of spring and summer as we welcome the cooler months.

Happy weekend, folks!


1 comment:

Country Girl said...

I love textures and discovered how to do them last winter. It soon turned into quite the addiction.
Your photos are beautiful.

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