narrowing it down

I recently shared my dilemma with you regarding the ensemble I am putting together for a wedding in October.  After pouring through several options, with my dear friend's help, I've narrowed my choices down to 2 dresses, and maybe finding the right metallic for the shoes.

I need your help in making a final choice.  Let's just say that your opinion will be given substantial consideration in deciding which dress to purchase.

So, without further ado - here are our top 2 choices:

Dress #1 is an A-line number from Calvin Klein.  Fabric belt and pleating in front.  Zip close in the back.  Really simple, yet elegant. 

Dress #2 is also from Calvin Klein.  A bit more daring for me, yet in a way still age appropriate.

The draw for me with these dresses would be the high waistline (dress #2) or the soft pleating (dress #1) which "forgives" my diet choices for the last 10 years.  Hides things that need to be kept away from the world.  Amen.

As far as footwear goes, I really like this style by Nine West.  I just cannot decide on whether to pick soft gold or platinum.

soft gold


To help things along, I've created a poll which will remain open for some time.  Please make sure to vote! (See the right most column of the blog to vote).

I will check back in a few weeks to update you regarding the winning combination, and maybe, if I am daring enough, post a picture from the wedding.  (Gulp)

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance on this matter. 

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Dress #2 and platinum shoes. No guts, no glory!! :)

Vivian said...

I vote for dress #1 and gold shoes. Hot! Add some accessories and you’re all set :) P.S. LOVE your new banner!

Ef said...

you will look fabulous with either dress but since it's a vote: dress #2 with gold shoes! if you're self conscious about bare arms, just add an ultra super light short cardi... but keep it unbuttoned. :)

Linders said...

First dress! I'm a fan of thicker straps. Had a mishap at the high school prom and a spaghetti straps. Do a cute shawl to tie it all together!!

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