his favorite things, full-size edition

Our son is into cars, trucks, and anything on wheels.  All things transportation.  He has built a nice matchbox and hotwheels collection of '60s and '70s replica cars.  So, imagine our surprise (and his excitement) when we chanced upon a vintage car show in Downtown Napa one Saturday morning.

Mommy entertained herself by looking at the different logos and analyzed how these have changed throughout the years. 

Calling Starsky and Hutch.
Please proceed to the customer service desk.
There is a little boy looking for you.

Old twucks in various colors.
Yook at that Mama, a bwue one.

Our daughter was checking out cars for when she is ready drive.  Yes, young lady.  This Mama is driving you to and from school until you graduate from college.  Yes, it does not matter that the school is 2 blocks or 60-miles away.  We are (and will) be watching you. 

I could not figure out why the hoods were up.  Until I took a peek.
Not a speck of dust under there.  Those engines are sparkling clean.
Not a single fingerprint on any chrome surface.
Each car passed our stringent 12-point inspection.

Some cars had really cool hydraulics.  This purple one was about an inch or two off the ground before they raised it.  Did they not have speed bumps back in the day?

The detailing on the cars...Wow!

I wished my kitchen counters were this shiny.

This was so... Bonnie and Clyde.

I call dibs on this one.  It brings out my inner diva.

You know, the one who wants to demand a certain standard of living, which includes any or all of the following:  flat Perrier bottled water, white roses (not ivory, mind you) for special occasions, blue M&Ms (chocolate only), and hotel rooms that pass a stringent 12-point inspection, etc.  If you please.  Thank you.  I can provide you with a contract rider, as may be necessary.  


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