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Week #36

A little surprise came in the mail late last week. 

I had been reading reviews about an extension tube for our DSLR lens that would help me get closer to my subjects without spending ridiculous amounts of moolah on a new macro lens.

I finally got the courage to part with some fun money and purchased the EF 12 II extension tube from Canon.
It is really just a tube that fits between the body of the camera and the base of your lens.  I plan on using it with our 50 mm f/1.8 and see if it can push the limits of what the lens can do.

I also wanted to see what it will do with our 35mm lens.

So far, I've been able to get this much closer using the 35mm plus the extender.

And, much, much closer I tell ya. 

More to follow as I test out this newest addition to our arsenal.  Another excuse for me to take ridiculous amounts of time examining grub and other creepy crawlers in our backyard.

Happy weekend folks!

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