a beanie for my baby

My ruffled scarf is done, and we are ready for more.  My daughter had some leftover yarn from projects, and we agreed that I would make her a beanie with ear flaps for this winter. 

This one was a little bit more complicated that the scarf.  I needed to count, for sure.  Otherwise, the beanie would be a little too tight.  Or, floppy.  Or tight in some places and floppy in others.

Started with 10 single chains, with the last chain attached to the first.  Double chains for the next round, and the next, until I had the right circumference.  Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah...Blah.

This turned out to be a bit bohemian with the variegation in colors showing through the rows.  Interesting.  Hippie-ish.

After he saw this, my little boy wanted one for himself.  So, I have another project lined up after this.  Woo-hoo! They might not want to wear it out of the house once they have seen the finished product.  Or maybe they will. 

Hoping to finish before the cold weather comes, 

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