woman versus wild

This is our little slice of heaven on earth.
I call it my sanctuary from the maddening crowd.
My haven where peace and quiet reign supreme.

Once in a while, our small fortress is breached by the occasional traveling bunny or four legged-friends from neighboring kingdoms.

I thought when I saw these small mounds that my in-laws had covered little surprises left by the neighbor's dog with garden soil.  I gave it no further thought.

However, over the course of 2 weeks I noticed (and assumed) that the little buggers kept leaving surprises for us during the night.  I made a note to speak to the neighbors about these, um, indiscretions.

Before I had the chance to chat them up about their little pooches, I found a small hole right beside a new mound.  Then, I realized that smaller friends were responsible for the re-landscaping of our backyard.

Believing in the peaceful co-existence of all sorts of species, I tried the diplomatic approach.  The less invasive options, if you will.

Yes, on Day 1 after discovery, I flooded the first hole I saw with water.  I stood there thinking that after a minute or so, my new found friends would come splashing out.  Ha!

5 minutes later....

no sign of any thing.

On Day 2, they gave me Hole #2.  I tried the shock and awe approach by aerating the soil around the mounds thinking that the activity would scare them away.  I punched away.

No white flags.  Their gift to me the following morning was Hole #3.

So, off I went to Amazon.com to order 3 solar gopher repellent stakes and 5lbs. of repellent powder.

On Day 4 (don't you just love Amazon Prime!), I installed these babies in 3 strategic locations, about 10 feet apart, and sprinkled the repellent powder all around the mounds and holes like there was no tomorrow.

Goodbye, suckas!

From then on, each morning before I left for work, I would take a quick peek at our backyard to see if there has been any improvement (i.e., no new mounds).   On Day 5, I found yet another hole (total of 4 by now).  It turns out that these repellent stakes and powder irritate the living daylights out of my new friends.  Hence, the heightened activity and "tunneling." 

So, on my way home from work I purchased 5 more lbs of repellent powder.

My new strategy was to combine the non-invasive approaches.  I flooded another hole and increased aerating activities around the mounds.  Not to mention dumping another 5lbs of powder.

Oh, please just leave.  Why not find a vacant lot to harass?  
There is a 10' x 300' area by the creek you could call your own.
On Day 6, my friends left yet another surprise for me - Hole #5.

5 holes, 10 mounds, 10 lbs of gopher repellent powder, 3 solar stakes and 20 gallons of water later, it was time to call it like it really was - a war of the worlds.  Woman versus the wild.  Not sure which one of us is which.

Diplomacy has failed.
I called in the Hunk in my life for reinforcement.
My reluctant hero took it from there.
I refused to take part it what happened next.
Let's leave it at that.


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