a carousel report, part 2

Ah, the appeal of the merry-go-round.  Our kids are nuts about these rides, we've decided to compare the ones we've visited.  Here is Part 2 of our investigative report:

Sonoma, California

We were surprised to find an assortment of other rides at the train capital of Northern California.  After a ride on the miniature train around the entire park, the carousel offered a welcome change of pace for this family.

Not as gaudy or elaborate as the Nut Tree Carousel, but interesting.  It was also smaller in scale.

Carved details and bedazzled horses.  Mirrors and paintings of trains.

This carousel only had horses, but I don't think the kids had an issue.  They showed as much excitement as when we visited the Nut Tree carousel where there were more animals.

I think that the parents were enjoying the ride as much as their kiddie counterparts. 

Here's Part 1 (on the Nut Tree Carousel in Vacaville, Callifornia).

Next  - Zeum Carousel in San Francisco.


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