a veggie garden, week 3

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What a difference a week makes! We've noticed some steady growth in these babies, but need to re-adjust expectations. 

The cilantro is up and about.  Slower than the rest, but a lot more seedlings than the week before. 

The tomato seedlings are the fastest growing of the lot.  I thought we would be enjoying some salad right now, but I overestimated my time lines by about a few months.  The salsa/ pico de gallo will have to wait as well.

Onion leeks?  Hhhmmm...I noticed a slow down.  Could it be they are too crowded in our small container?  Maybe we should seriously consider replanting these soon.

Ah, our sunflowers. Trailblazing growth.  We will definitely need a bigger container.  Sooner than later.

Week #1
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