thank heavens for honest friends

We are thinking of attending a wedding in New York sometime in October, and I needed a fashion consult for budget purposes. There was only one person to consult - who else but my uber-stylish bestest friend, F.

A simple question turned out to be such an interesting discussion, and I thought to post it here.  I bless the day F came into my life back in the 4th grade.  She makes everything so...effortless.  I hate her.  And, yet I love her.

Lease: Hey, I need your style expertise.  I have a wedding to attend in October – need your help finding a dress. Knowing my issues – I need your recommendations.  Need ideas.  If I can’t find anything – I will probably wear an old one, but would like to see another perspective… Help.

F: Where is said wedding?

Lease: Nueva York.  Long Island.

10 minutes later I get this reply.

F: Here are some options:

As I was going through the selection, I get another email.

F:  One more.  Pile on chunky pearls and wear strappy heels to make it more fun versus “office wear”.

Lease: I actually like #2 (of the first 4 choices; top right; in navy). 50's vibe.  Can I wear these boots? Can you find something that will go with the boots? Or, am I totally ruining it for you? No?

F: Please don’t, my dear.  Don’t wear boots to a wedding.

Lease: I thought so.  (Yeah, right.)

F:  This may work with the dress.

Then again, this one looked really nice, too.

What would I do without stylish friends like F?  Now, you know why I love her.  Only she can tell it like it is.


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