summer at the lake

South Lake Tahoe.
By now, I must have written about 2 million posts about the place.
But this trip was different.  This trip is about summer.  At the lake.

We had to cross several mountains to get there.  The drive alone was breathtaking.  The mountains were not covered in snow this time around.  We kept our windows open, and the A/C was off.  Beatles music was playing on the stereo.

Here are some of the things we did:

1.  Beach hopping.  The $8 parking lots were filled to capacity.  Cars were parked on the street about a half mile from the shore.  Crowded.

As you can see, people were out and enjoying the warm weather.  This is at 9 in the morning.  The beach at Zephyr Cove was already full.

2.  To cruise or not to cruise.  We wanted to catch a short cruise around Emerald Bay, but the kids wanted to do 30 million other things.  So, we drove around, and explored less traveled areas of the lake like this cave.

3.  Crashing a wedding.  When we finally found a less than full beach later in the day, we chanced upon this wedding.  We watched from the sidelines as the bride and groom promised to have and to hold (or something to that effect) at sunset.  It was really romantic, except that the kids kept asking if we could move on to the next item on our agenda.  Something less "yucky."

4.  B & E on private property.  An awesome shot from a private road we "mistakenly" entered.  I snapped away as the Hunk made a u-turn back onto the main street.  Can you imagine your backyard with this view? Life is soooooo not fair.

5.  Hitting the buffet scene.  While we waited in line at the Sunday brunch buffet, I went over to the other side of the floor and snapped these pictures of the lake. 

See those snow-capped mountains in the background.  We call it the promise of things to come in the winter.

I did not get to snap any more pictures after brunch.  Maybe it was the 5 mini eclairs that I sampled.  Or, the 2 servings of prime rib?

6.  Catching a South Lake Tahoe sunset.  When we ventured out again, the sun had already set. 

South Lake Tahoe.  Lovely during winter.  Breathtaking during summer.


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