payback time

I have to hand it to my eldest child.  She has the patience of a saint when it comes to her little brother.  She tries so hard to be the understanding one.  She plays with him, tries to entertain him during long drives.  She is a really good big sister.

But there are times when he gets to her.  And, he can really get to her. 

So, when I recently saw her giggling as she was playing with her father's smart phone, I asked her what she was doing.  She hesitated for a bit, and giggled some more.  Then, she finally showed me what she was working on.  

Here is ... 

She explained that there was this "app" on the iPhone that allowed you do add "doodles" to your pictures.  She took a couple of pictures of her "innocent" brother earlier that day and was working on some photos to show me.

We call it "payback."  She showed it to her brother, and they both started laughing...
Then, she made more.

Mommy in the middle of it all,

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