the house that butter built

 Ah, silvanas.

The cookies of my childhood.  I remember buying the home-made version from a stay-at-home mom in our neighborhood.  The product has evolved since then.  But the taste remains the same.

What are silvanas, you ask?

Crisp, impossibly airy cookies served straight from the freezer, their centers stuffed with slick butter cream, seem almost Space Age. They're somehow both sturdy and weightless. They dissolve the second they touch your tongue. These otherworldly treats are silvanas, colorful and classic Filipino cookies that could easily be mistaken for over sized French macaroons.
---Miles Clements, Los Angeles Times.
The Hunk scored these for me on his way home one day last week.

When I say that silvanas have evolved, what I meant is that plain butter cream is no longer the standard.

These babies now come in different flavors - strawberry, mocha, pistachio, taro, and chocolate are a few that come to mind.

You need an assorted box (or two).
We like to take ours out of the freezer and leave the box on the counter for 5-10 minutes.  This way the butter is melted.  The cookie, a bit softer.

See that missing spot?  That's where the Taro used to be.  Or, was it chocolate?
No one would admit to anything.

So, we open another box.  But this one was all plain butter cream.
I am not complaining though.

Less competition.
More for yours truly.

Be still, my heart.


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