a few of his favorite things

Week #32
Taken with a Canon Rebel Xsi.

Focal length: 35mm
Exposure: 1/125
Aperture: f/2.0
These are straight out of the camera.


Our second child is obsessed with all things transportation-related.  

Since he is potty training at this time, we have an arrangement which allows him to get a reward for his "efforts." Once he earns a reward,  we take him with us on our grocery run so that he can reap what he has earned.

A few seconds into a trip to Walmart or Target, you will find him dashing off to the Matchbox or Hotwheels section.  We give him a budget to work with and he will sit there surveying the available cars.   

Let me tell you that he takes a long time picking out his reward.  I think it is all part of his modus operandi to wear Mommy out.  He sits back, surveys the boxes, and carefully looks at the details of each car. 

We don't tell him what type or model car to pick from the hundreds available.  The only feedback he gets from us is whether he is above or below his budget. As you will see from this set, he is consistent with the type/models he selects. 

I think he is creating a 70's collection.  Very Starsky and Hutch.  Sometimes, he goes a decade back into the past and selects vehicles from the 60's. 

These all look the same to me, but he knows which ones he already has.  He has not made the mistake of buying the same car or truck twice.

He also has some of the late models, but if you survey his collection you will see that a significant portion is made up of older models.

Interesting, considering that he spends most of his day with Opa (Grandpa), and is lulled to take his daily nap with songs from the 60s & the 70s.

He spends a lot of time playing with these babies, and we've put in a table in his room to house his collection.  He now has a "car wash/garage" for his vehicles.

His favorite?  I can't really pick one out because each one gets his undivided attention.
My favorite? I don't really have one.  I just like playing cars with him. 

Hope you have a great weekend, folks!


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