a carousel report, part trois

There's nothing like a good old fashioned carousel to entertain the kids in our lives.  This particular one in San Francisco also got our interest considering that it was 100 years old and  had its very own glass enclosure to protect it from the elements.  Here's Part 3 of our investigative report:

Zeum Carousel
San Francisco, California

This carousel is the oldest one of the 3 we visited being more than 100 years old.  It is actually encased in glass to protect it from the elements.

A long line awaited us when we got there.  I guess everyone else got the memo that the ride would be free that day courtesy of the Target Corporation.

The wait was not as long as we thought.  It gave us a chance to take in the design of the outer structure and how it melded with the inner carousel.

Not as colorful as the Nut Tree Carousel, but it did have it's own appeal.  The colors were lively, and the animals, well cared for.

Intricate wood carvings.  Mirrors to reflect light.

I loved the phaeton rides.  Built for people like me who want to share the experience with their children, but prefer not to ride or stand beside a galloping horse.

The Zeum Carousel had a variety of animals - llamas, camels, horses and a rare appearance by the king of the jungle.

Our first born made a mad dash to get on this one.  Worth the price of admission.  Even though it was free that day.

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