caffeine-induced clarity

Week #33
Taken with a Canon Rebel Xsi
Focal length: 35mm
Aperture: f/2.0
ISO: 200

After all the chores are done for the day and the kids kissed goodnight, I would have about 5-6 hours left before I have to start the day again.  This includes getting thrown under the bus at work and pacifying irate clients. 

I need assistance in any shape or form to get through it all.  Coffee, usually in large quantities, helps me deal with what life has to offer on any given day. 

This is how my day looks like at 6 am, which is right about the twenty-fifth time I hit the snooze button. 

 Exposure: 1/125; Faithful

Everything is soft and faded.  Blurry, if that.

Exposure: 1/80; Faithful 

After a few sips of my soy mocha, things get a bit more defined.  Still soft and mellow, though.

 Exposure: 1/100; Faithful 
And, sometimes, everything is still black and white, so to speak.  But, yes, things are definitely taking shape.

Exposure: 1/80; Monochrome

When the caffeine finally kicks in, you see everything.  Every facet.  Every sparkle.  Every shape. Every nook and cranny.  Even that which you do not want to see.

Exposure: 1/80; Neutral

Crystal.  Clear. 100x.

Exposure: 1/100; Neutral

You are ready to face anything.  Well, almost everything.
Get those tanks and buses rolling.

Exposure: 1/125; Faithful

I am ready to be thrown under the bus, if you please. 
Unhappy client?  Put them through.

Exposure: 1/80; Neutral
Yeah, baby.

Happy weekend, folks!
Hope your week was better than mine!


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