a vegetable garden, week 1

Inspired by our trip to the farmer's markets, and wanting to teach our kids discipline and perseverance, we started a small vegetable garden (in containers, for now).  For starters, we have green onion, tomatoes and cilantro.  Why these herbs and vegetables?  First, the seeds were free.  Second, we didn't want to start off with complex ones, we did not know how to use.

We found some unused glazed pots for our seeds, added potting soil, and...ta-da! Our very own veggie container garden.  We made it a point to water as often as possible (2x a day during this first week).

A few days into our garden project our, cilantro seeds were still missing in action.  Nothing.  No activity whatsoever.  We were beginning to think that the seeds were duds.  But we kept watering the pot anyway.  A lesson in hope.

Our tomato seedlings.  The kids were so excited!  We are already planning some roasted tomato caprese salad in 4 weeks.

Our green onions were the first to sprout.  My son thought they were weeds and pulled out the first few ones. 

This is our daughter's project.  She is so obsessed with sunflowers this summer.  So, instead of buying her a bunch of flowers at the farmer's market, we bought her a bag of seeds at Home Depot.  Before long our garden will be filled with sunflowers!

This is all we have for now, we'll report back on the progress of our garden in a week or so.


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