a trip to the local carwash

There used to be a time when our kids were deathly scared of the car wash.  Each time we would announce that we were going to to the local wash, they would usually reply with -

[cue: hysterical crying]

That's even before we finished our sentence.

Now? They treat it as though it were a theme park ride. 

I'm so excited!
[cue: squeals and giggles]

This, for just the prospect of taking mama's car to the local wash.  It's really embarrassing. 

Look mama your car is dirty - it needs a wash.
Really?  I think we can wait until next week.
It's super yucky, Mama!

So, we put the kids in the car, drive about 10 minutes to a nearby location, and the kids are beside themselves with pure unadulterated bliss.

Yook at that!
It's a giant brush!

It is like this every single time.
Even though we go to the same venue at least every other week.
I think Disneyland needs to rethink their park rides.

It's taking a shower now!

Is your car having a bubble bath, Mama?


That's a big scrubber, Mama!


More shampoooooooooooooo...

Uh-oh.  Another big scrubee coming up!

It looks like the ocean, Mama!

It's raining, it's pouring.  The old man is snoring....


That's a giant blow dryer, Mama!

All done!  All better!

Yet's do that again, please!
Again, again, please!

Hey, if we can't get out to Disneyland this year, there's always the local car wash, right?


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