a resource guide (and a recap)

Week #27

of Project 52, which involves weekly photography and/or Photoshop assignments. 

A resource guide

Here's our short list of 'go-to' places on the web for most of what we need to make our projects pretty or interesting.  Or, simply just to find inspiration for future projects:

Brushes for Photoshop  (We're into flourishes right now and Hawksmont is our current favorite)

Textures for your photos (We love adding texture to our photos to create that vintage grungy effect.  Shadowhouse creations is our current favorite)

Photoshop actions (We love the Pioneerwoman's action sets!  When all else fails [ability-wise] we go for the action sets to help us along.  Incidentally, we are drooling over MCP Actions, and are saving up for one particular set.)

Camera lens reviews (We love the digital picture's review and comparison with other lenses.  We usually stop here for research before making a purchase)

Where we shop for lenses  (We love a good deal, and found a lot at Amazon.com; affiliate links)

A recap

We can't believe half of 2010 has just passed!  We've undertaken 26 projects!
Here is a summary of what we have done so far.  This is our excuse to take that photography trip or to sit for hours in front of a computer learning new things in Photoshop.

 A black and white set inspired by the movie Contact.  Yeah, the truth is out there.  Somewhere.
A comparative analysis of photos taken with a 50mm and a 35mm.  Our excuse to take pictures of dirt.  At close range.
 Week 24: Banner-tastic!
How to create your own Photoshop banners.  Simple.  Easy.

We like it blurry.

Setting your custom white balance to create that warm and fuzzy feeling. 
Week 21: Colors of Maui
Maui flowers in their tropical splendor.  Hot. Rare.
Week 20: Flowers of May
Flowers from our very own backyard
The first batch!

 Week 19: Running Water
Capturing a moving target.  Without getting wet.

Unbelievable colors!

Pictures from a short trip to Seattle.

From a small beach front area in Albany, California.

Week 15: Colors of SFO
Pictures from our day trip to San Francisco.

Week 14: Precious Items
A closer look at treasured heirloom pieces.

An analysis of my signature shots.
I realized I was really off-kilter. 
Most of the time.
Tutorial included.

A chance encounter with a really awesome sunset.

Week 10: Bark Texture
Adding textures to favorite shots.
150 year old bark.
Week 9: Metal Texture 
An escape to a deserted naval base.
Week 8: Mellow yellows.  More pictures from a day trip to downtown Napa with an eye for yellows.
Week 7: Neighborhood Reds .                               A simple backyard project. 
Week 6: Napa Valley Reds                             Pictures from a day trip to Downtown Napa.

Week 5: Red
The Golden Gate Bidge in San Francisco.

 Week 4: Sunrise & Sunset
Silhouettes.  Not a lot of post processing.  
Just timing and making sure I have the right ISO and f/stop for the shot.

 Soft and desaturated.  With a hint of red.

 Week 2: Vintage shots
Making the new look old by adding textures and noise.

Week 1: Trees
An experiment in textures and noise.


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