friday night nirvana

When the stars are in alignment and opportunity strikes, the hunk and I meet up at our favorite outdoor mall to enjoy an early dinner, and maybe, a movie. 

Early dinner would usually be at Zao Noodle House, my favorite restaurant du jour.  This means crispy tofu fries for me, and a noodle/soup dish for the hunk in my life.  And, diet coke, if you please.

If there is no movie that sparks our interest, we follow up with a short walk to the nearby bookstore, where I find my way to the cookbook section.  Lately, I find myself perusing the gardening section to find inspiration and ideas for our veggie garden.  The hunk will usually gravitate towards the DVD and CD section, unless there are ESPN-inspired books on display that will occupy him for the next 3 hours or so.

As the night progresses, the hunk can find me at the 'newsstand,' where I am usually waist-deep into photography, fashion, home and lifestyle magazines.  Not to mention the, er, 'entertainment' magazines, a.k.a tabloids.  It is, Friday night, after all. 

On our way out, I pick up my usual Venti Soy Mocha.  The final ingredient to what I call our Friday Night Nirvana.  Yes, this brief respite will allow us to keep up with 2 hyperactive kids, and everything else life has to offer.  

Happy weekend, folks!


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