celebrating the first year of life

The week after we attended my sister-in-law's grandmother's birthday bash, my dear friend hosted a celebration for her daughter's first birthday.  Different kind of vibe, but a similar celebration --- one of love, life and laughter.

The age of innocence?  Yes, and no.  I think this cutie pie has her Mama and Dada wrapped around her little fingers.

Grandma and Grandpa?  They are besotted as well.  Actually everyone she meets is just charmed and in love in 2 minutes flat. 

My son could have been so affected, except that he had already been "married" to another Ava during a visit to Southern California.  He's very loyal.  He takes after the hunk in my life.

Children grow up so very fast.  It seems like it was just yesterday when I last saw this little one still in her infant carrier.  Now, she can walk on her own.  Oh, and the outfits!  Pretty in pink (or any pastel color, for that matter).

We luv ya, baby!
Have a great weekend, folks!

Lease and the gang

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