the beginnings of a lavender garden

The hunk and I dream of one day retiring on our very own farm.  We envision a 3 bedroom ranch-style home with its own wraparound porch.  The house will sit on at least 5 acres somewhere in Northern California.  Part of the vision was to have my very own lavender garden.

During our vacation in Maui, we visited a lavender farm nestled in the hills, and I got a glimpse of what it would be like to grow our own lavender farm.

So, when we visited the Napa Farmer's Market a few weeks ago, and found several varieties of lavender,  we bought a few to test our retirement hypothesis.

I wanted to know how easy or difficult it was the raise these babies, and maybe make something of the blooms.

We didn't realize that there were a lot of different kinds of lavender plants and at some point, everything looked the same.
 While we don't have acres and acres of land, we thought to dedicate a small area of our backyard to our smaller-scaled  lavender farm.

We are looking forward to gathering up our lavender blooms and making bath bombs, brownies, and what nots.  I read somewhere that lavenders complement rose plants, and we have a lot of those.

What I love seeing is the kids stopping by the lavender plants for a good whiff of the scent each time they are out in the backyard.  Heartwarming.

Hope you are having a relaxing 4th of July weekend!


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