sibling rivalry

The Rivalry Cup.
It started as a good old fashioned game of golf between two brothers. It has since morphed into a full-fledged tournament of sorts.

Last year, there were 2 teams of 8 competing for this trophy.
Participation increased this year to 12 per team.  One team from Southern California, and the other from Northern Cal.

The teams were up and about around 7 am on Memorial Day weekend at the Chardonnay golf course in Napa.  The Southern California team flew in Thursday/Friday and were rumored to have practiced all day Friday.

Don't mistake the friendly banter and smiles.  These folks were psyched and ready for war.
I have it on good authority that some novice/overeager photojournalists were asked to refrain from taking pictures until after the "upswing."  Apparently, there was an unspoken rule to this effect.  So unspoken that the photojournalists were unaware of it.

Members of the SoCal team even drove up to Napa a few weekends before the tournament to practice and get a feel for the course.  They were that serious! 

The team from Southern California

SoCal is the defending champ.  Here are the members in their matching canary yellow golf shirts, belt buckles and golf shoes.  Yes, I did say belt buckles.  Don't ask why.

I was standing beside one of the wives and said "Is it just me or are they wearing the same belts?"
Her answer?  "No, you got that right.  Same belts."

Our SoCal calendar boys for January, February and March.

April, June and July.

August and September.

This is Mr. May.  Also my favorite brother-in-law from the south.
The Godfather, SoCal division.
Mr. Cool personified.
Graphic artist extraordinaire.

The team from Northern California

Rumor has it that NorCal always scored points for being very well-dressed.
Is that a "mint green" shirt?
I thought they banned/burned those in the 90s?
Correction.  The color is "sea foam."
Are they wearing the same trousers?
Mind you, they had the same white golf shirt underneath that uber-hip sweater.

This is Joe, aka  Mr. January.
Don't let his carefree pose mislead you.
We followed him around, and he was in his element.
He was loving that sea foam green sweater.
Or is it pistachio? I guess it would depend on what catalog you are looking at, right?

Northern California calendar boys for February, April and May.
This is also a tutorial on how not to mess up the perspective of your photos.
As you saw from the group picture above, our boys were pretty much of the same height.
However, they just refused to stand on the same spot as the previous player when posing for pictures.
Hence, this skewed view of the world.  That's our story and we're standing by it.

 June, July and August, at your service.

September and October, at the ready.

This is our very own Mr. March.
My favorite NorCal brother-in-law.
Also known as the Godfather, NorCal division.
Frequently mistaken for Tiger Woods.
Without the transgressions.
Right, Iz?
He is also a really really good guitar player.
Watch out John Mayer.

The game started here...

I kept asking what Sovereign 399 meant...
No one was kind enough to explain it to us.
Maybe it was because we kept taking pictures as they were swinging their clubs?

Two days later, the contingent from Southern California successfully defended its title, and was declared the winner of the Rivalry Cup 2010.  The trophy (which stayed in our house for a good month or so) will make its journey back to SoCal.

[Hey NorCal, maybe it was the sea foam sweaters? Maybe next year we can select a non-Miami Vice theme/color?]

Congrats to the calendar boys from Southern California!

Looking forward to the 2011 games,

p.s. we promise not to take pictures on the upswing.
p.s. we promise not to take pictures on the downswing.
we promise not to take pictures while you swing, period.


Anonymous said...

Woo-wee, NorCal's Mr. March is hot. Is he taken?!??

Anonymous said...

what a fun post! i had no idea this tourney was so serious - down to the wardrobe!

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