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Is it just me?
Do I really need to get out more?
I say this because I am the last person you would expect to appreciate a golf course.

We were at the Chardonnay Course in Napa recently.  The hunk and I enjoyed our trip through 9 holes in an electric golf cart.  More on the reason why we were there later.

I always thought that courses would be flat, with some sand bunkers here and there.  A sprinkling of trees.  Maybe a small body of water here and there.  That's it.

Chardonnay was different.  It had a vineyard running through the golf course.

 Or was it a golf course running through a vineyard?

Let me tell you this - the terrain was not flat.  Not flat at all.  I haven't been to a lot of golf courses, so I really have no basis to comment except maybe for some preconceived ideas on how these courses should look like.  I had fun pushing the limits of our golf cart as we went up and down the course. 

Each hole was different.  The 9th in particular involved tee-ing off at point A on top of a hill, and making sure the ball hits the green somewhere on a bend of at least 30 degrees counter clockwise.  I was on a golf cart and I found it difficult to follow.

I like that there are areas left in their natural state with wild grasses and flowers.  Although I think that most of the trees were strategically placed. 

I should say that from what I've seen, this course will definitely give a golfer a good challenge.  I have a new respect for the game.  The Wii makes it look so easy.

More this week on "The Rivalry Cup" !


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