a few good lenses

Week #25
of our 52-week photography/photoshop projects.

After spending countless hours pouring over photography magazines, we made a decision that it was time (and OK) to add a second prime lens to our arsenal - the 35 mm f/2.0.  We had wanted a wide angle lens for all the places we wanted to visit in Maui, and our newest baby served its purpose.

Here are a few of our favorite shots:


Ah, Maui.  We miss you.  Do you miss us, too?  We'll see you in 2013?  Let's make it happen.

Our hotel.  One of the buildings, actually.  There were many.  Lots of pools, too.  There was even a kiddie pirate pool.  The hunk had fun with the kids. 

Me?  I was sitting under a nice shaded recliner reading.  My kind of vacation.  I need another one, soon.  Yes, definitely sooner than later.

The ship is sinking...form sets of 3.  Does anyone still play that game?  Did I just "date" myself?

Life was, oh, so simple during our trip to Maui.  Was it just May when we were in Ka'anapali?  Seems like an eternity now.  Maybe we should make it 2012?

Back to the topic at hand, and before I sink further into depression thinking about our relaxed days in Maui, the wide angle lens was able to capture more than your usual 50mm (also one of our fave lens).  More detail.  More colors.  More things to remember. 

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the 35mm lens was also good for (almost) macro or close-up shots.  Let me show you.

This first picture was taken using the 50mm f/1.8.  This was as close as we could get.  If I tried to get closer to my subject, the lens would sound off telling me I was too close and it could not focus.

This picture was taken using the 35mm f/2.  I got so much closer and you can see the tiny strands at the base of the flower.

Again, this was taken using the 50mm.  I got more of the dirt than the little tomato seedling.

Imagine this!  I whole lot closer!

Here's a comparison:

 50mm vs. 35 mm

 50mm vs. 35 mm

In fairness to the 50mm, it had (and still has) good use and value for the price we paid for it (excellent in low light situations, and I love the shallow depth of field).  The 35mm was higher up in the price range, but also brings a wider range of use for us. 

We almost always carry and use these 2 lenses in our camera bag when we travel. 

Can't wait for that next vacation!

Happy weekend folks!


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