Napa Farmer's Market

Summer is finally here!  This year we promised to incorporate local farmer's markets into our activities, and our first stop is the Napa Farmer's Market.   It is a smaller version of the ones we've been to in the past years, but it did not disappoint.

A lot of freshly harvested produce.  Mostly likely harvested that morning or the day before.

The kids loved these honey sticks, which came in different flavors.  Our favorites: orange and rootbeer sticks! 

3 sticks for $1, or a packet of 12 for $4.

They are really just straws with honey in them.  Smart concept, since it prevents the sticky messes typically associated with kids and honey.  Our kids look forward to the trip if only to score some of these babies.

We also make it a point to buy a pound or so of cherries.  The hunk in my life and the kiddos love them chilled.

We also try to pick up a good variety of fruits.  Nectarines, anyone? These were super sweet!  I think my son finished off 1 or 2 while we were walking around the market.  We also purchased some navel oranges.

What I love about the market is that you can also find a good variety of other items - bread, olive oil concoctions, jewelry, hand-made baby items, etc.

Since one of our projects this summer is to add some plants to our backyard, we were thrilled that a local nursery had a kiosk/stand.   

We purchased some lavender plants, this black-eyed susan, and lots of herbs.

Here's a plant that caught our eye.  So delicate and lovely!

Our deal is that each week, we will visit a farmer's market for our weekly fruit and produce supply.

This way we support our local economy, and hopefully, add healthier items to our diet.

Here's a link:

Napa Farmer's Market

It doesn't hurt that it is right beside Oxbow.  Organic ice cream!!!!
Happy shopping and eating!


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