fair weather friends

The weather is finally warming up.  Yay!

That can only mean that I can finally take these puppies out of the box.

When I bought these babies I thought that they would be uncomfortable and difficult to wear.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that they fit really well, and added a good 4 inches to my height without threatening my balance.  Or, the safety of others around me, for that matter.  My second child just needs to let me know at least 12 minutes before deciding to dash off towards an undisclosed location.

Of course, as I shopped for this pair, I did not stop with just black ones.  I also found a pair of darling brown ruffled wedges.  Good thing they were "buy one get one half off."  My kind of deal.  I think I helped the sales associate hit her sales quota for that day.

Too bad the yellow ruffled ones were out of stock in my size. I could have helped the economy recover a bit more.

Enjoy the warmer weather and the longer days!


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