Cribs...PBS Sprout edition

Mansions?  Cars?  Bling?
If you've seen the 'Cribs' show on MTV you would know what we are talking about.

When we were designing our backyard, we wanted a fire pit on one side of the rock garden.  We envisioned 2 reclining chaises in front of a nice copper fire pit.  We were all set to purchase the pit from our local Home Depot, but we realized that the space could be of better use.

We had a small 'little tykes' playhouse that had since been outgrown by our first born.  We were thinking of donating it or giving it away to a cousin.  We temporarily placed the house and the matching slide on the spot were we wanted to put our fire pit until we had found a new home for it.  Little did we know that the two kids would rediscover their interest in the playhouse.

Our youngest loves this 'crib.'  He even parks his motorcycle and car beside the house.

This modest ranch style home has its own "woff" range and high-tech communications system.

Don't you love that gigantic bay window overlooking Mama's roses and maple and persimmon trees?

Of course, no crib display would be complete without the cars and other toys for the big boys.  This one was a gift from the Godfather, SoCal edition.  The kid's other car is a VW bug in honor of both maternal and paternal grandparents who, at one time in the late 60s or early 70s, both had Herbie's.
Absent from this picture is his red radio flyer tricycle.

Maybe in 10 years we can reclaim the area for our fire pit? 

But for now it is a treasured space where the kiddos and their friends love to play.

Happy weekend, folks!


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