10 things I love about

The hunk in my life.

One: His wicked sense of humor.  This alone has saved our marriage many times over.
Two: His behind.  Yes, that's correct.
Three: How he is with our kids.  He makes them laugh.  He lets them be kids.  He lets me be a kid.  Sometimes.
Four: His goatee.  Sealed the deal. 
Five: His patience.  Yes, I know.  I can be difficult. At times.
Six: His sense of direction.  He'll look at a map once, and he'll know where to go every single time.
Seven: He fixes our bed every morning.  Since 1996.
Eight: He complements by left-brain with his right brain.
Eight Nine: He is very loyal.  Forever really means forever.  Go A's!
Nine Ten: He is my (reluctant) hero.  My very own Jason Bourne, without the violence or the smoking habit.
Ten Eleven: The way he wears his jeans. Which is related to Item #2.  Let's leave it at that.

To the one and only hunk in my life,
Happy Father's Day!

I like you very much.  

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