wide awake in Seattle

Downtown Seattle.
Our plane landed at SEATAC around 11 pm.
Of course, we had to stop by the Starbucks counter at the airport for my fix.

 Instead of going directly to our hotel, we decided to drive around downtown.
I had wanted to take pictures of the Space Needle at night.

Considering the low lighting and our distance from the subject matter, 
I thought these pictures turned out pretty crisp.

The secret?

I bumped up the ISO.
I also put the camera on the "TV" setting and leaned on our car
so that the shot was a bit more stable.
(we did not have a tripod and I had just consumed a 3/4ths of a venti soy mocha)

This shot was taken by the hunk in my life.
I love the "softness" of the water fountain...
ephemeral, if that.

And, of course, a sightseeing trip with a true sports fan would not be complete without...
pictures of a stadium...

Safeco Stadium

The hunk in my life stood on the street corner and snapped away...
The scarcity of vehicles made us realize that it was time to check into our hotel...


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