what we've done so far...

Project 52 involves weekly photography and photoshop projects. 
Here is a summary of what we have done so far.
This is our excuse to take that trip or to sit for hours in front of a computer
learning new things in Photoshop.

Unbelievable colors!

Pictures from a short trip to Seattle.

From a small beach front area in Albany, California.

Week 15: Colors of SFO
Pictures from our day trip to San Francisco.

Week 14: Precious Items
A closer look at treasured heirloom pieces.

An analysis of my signature shots.
I realized I was really off-kilter. 
Most of the time.
Tutorial included.

A chance encounter with a really awesome sunset.

Week 10: Bark Texture
Adding textures to favorite shots.
150 year old bark.
Week 9: Metal Texture 
An escape to a deserted naval base.

Week 8: Mellow yellows.  More pictures from a day trip to downtown Napa with an eye for yellows.
Week 7: Neighborhood Reds .                               A simple backyard project. 
Week 6: Napa Valley Reds                             Pictures from a day trip to Downtown Napa.

Week #5: Red
The Golden Gate Bidge in San Francisco.

 Week 4: Sunrise & Sunset
Silhouettes.  Not a lot of post processing.  
Just timing and making sure I have the right ISO and f/stop for the shot.

 Soft and desaturated.  With a hint of red.

 Week #2: Vintage shots
Making the new look old by adding textures and noise.

Week #1: Trees
An experiment in textures and noise.


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