sharing a Maui sunset

In my freshman year of college, my high school friends and I took an overnight trip somewhere south of where we all grew up.  I do not remember the name of the resort we stayed at, but I do remember sitting on a rocky sandy beach by myself around dusk.  I fell in love with the sight before me.  I made a promise to return there to that very spot with my significant other (and the kids we would be blessed with) to show them the beauty of it all.

I will admit that I have not been back to that sandy beach.  I really would not know where to go without sufficient research and investigation.  What I realized as I recently sat on an almost deserted Ka'anapali beach, is that I keep going back to the ocean as often as life permits. It could be South Lake Tahoe, Monterey, and Alameda, even.  The point is I keep going back. Year after year. After year. Sometimes, twice a year.

Maybe it is the sound of the waves.  So relaxing.  I could sit here on this spot for hours.  Or maybe only until I hear the "Can we go now?" for the 10th time.

It could be the deserted beach.  The perfect place where one could meditate.  Very romantic.  It is nice to be able sit there and be "in the moment."

It could also be the gentle breeze.  It could be the sun's slow descent, making for cooler temperatures.

For whatever reason, being by the ocean makes me happy.  I feel so much grounded and centered. 
And, I wanted to share this particular ocean view and sunset with you.

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