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We spent the past week in Maui, and if I were to list all the good things about it -- one post will not be enough.  You don't have to be at an exclusive resort to enjoy all the island has to offer.  Here are some of the places and/or reasons to add Maui to your list of places to visit.

Miles and miles of white sandy beaches - free!  This one was taken at a public picnic area.  There are of lot of these types of areas, and if you get there early enough you get prime parking and a nice table beneath the trees.

Here is another spot a mile away from the first area we visited.  Again, free parking and free admission.  All you need is your enthusiasm to enjoy the waters.

Another choice spot!  So many places you can call your own at least for the next few hours.  Some people (this one included) sit, read a book, and just take in the sights and sounds.  There is something so relaxing about the sounds of the ocean.

Once you feel the need to move inland, you can explore other tourist spots such as this 100-year old banyan tree.  The kids loved it, and they kept imagining that it was the tree from the movie Avatar.  While it looks like there are several trees in the picture, it is really just one big old tree, and the "trunks" that you see are part of its root system which are above ground.

Then, it was back to the waters again - this time to DT Fleming Beach north of Ka'anapali.

Whale watching! We took this trip in May instead of the summer months, because we wanted to go whale watching.  We were so happy when a male humpback whale danced  around our boat not once but 3 times!  The first time, I was too shocked to take a picture.  The second time my battery conked out.  So, by the third time (20 minutes between sightings), I was ready as ever.

And, at the end of the day, when you think you've seen it all, you take a spot on the beach/lawn of your hotel and enjoy a Maui sunset.

Hope you had a restful weekend.  


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