the long way to Ka'anapali

Two years ago, we visited Maui for the first time.

So much of the Maui landscape reminded me of home beyond the pond.  Minus the mosquitoes and about 50% humidity.

The first time around (2008), we stayed 6 days and 5 nights at the Sheraton.  We made orchid leis.  We took early morning walks on the beach.  We ate ahi tuna poke every day.  We swam.  We snorkeled.  We were sad to leave.  The only thing that lifted our spirits was the thought of coming back. 

As with any major trip with 2 kids, I knew it would take some time before we could visit again.  Airfare alone would be a big challenge.  We knew that we wanted to stay in Ka'anapali.  After saving up and pre-paying for our stay (8 days 7 nights at the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Villas), Hawaiian Air came up with a really great airfare deal that we could not pass up.  We surveyed, selected flights, and hit the 'purchase' button.  Wooo-hooo!  That was in January 2010.

Fast forward to May 2010.  There were seemingly insurmountable projects that I had to complete before I could focus on this trip.  I was preparing for a certification exam.  Work was work.  In fact, it was only the night before our trip that I was really able to breathe and start preparing.

This is part of the road to Ka'anapali.  Lined with old trees.  Love how the branches reach out to the other side of the road.

Almost forming a canopy of sorts.  Bringing shade (and relief from the sun) for the cars that pass by.  I keep telling the hunk in my life, that if ever Maui needs to expand the roady way (I hope they never have to), they would find away around these trees.

If you've ever been to the Academic Oval at the University of the Philippines, it would look something like this, except that it would be all around the sunken garden.  Sigh.  No wonder Maui reminds me so much of home.  More to come in later posts.

Happy weekend, folks!


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