Cherry Blossoms and Lake Washington

We are on the beautiful island of Maui right now.

Before I tell you about the places we've been and the vast amounts of food we consumed, I wanted to wrap up one last detail of our trip to Seattle.

We took part of a convoy of cars towards northern Washington.  It took us about a good part of an hour to complete the drive around Lake Washington and I have to say that it was well worth it.

Dear friend F was several cars ahead.  She tried calling me (of course, my mobile phone was on silent, and buried deep in the inner recesses of my purse/camera bag).  She did leave a message saying that she hoped I was enjoying the car ride and that I had my camera.  She was correct on both accounts.  I was snapping away like the crazy person that I was/am/will be.

A good portion of the route was lined with these trees. 

And the landscaping softened the view of the lake.  I kept thinking back to the Bay Area and tried to picture any one of our lakes with this kind of greenery (pink-ery?).  Bay Area folks - anything that comes to mind?

Lake Chabot?  Lake Tahoe? True, maybe I do need to get out more.

I kept telling the hunk in my life that I could totally live in Seattle (downtown or in the burbs).  The vibe of the cities we visited felt so much like the San Francisco Bay Area except it was a 'younger' and more 'upbeat' cousin.  And, of course, it did not rain at all when we were there - which only added to the charm.  I was definitely charmed.

Getting back to the reason for this post.  Even before the convoy started, F had warned us that it would be a long trip.  What we both did not know was that the trip would take this route.  It was as if we were 'forced' to enjoy the scenery.  But I did not feel forced.  In fact, I enjoyed the road less traveled.

It was not your typical tourist route, which made it all the more interesting to me.  I saw early morning joggers, as well as families up and about with the kiddos in tow. 

It was a good time in my life to be going through a trip such as this - I was buried in work and in the review that I was trying to wrap up back home.  I was drained physically, and needed to recharge emotionally.  I needed time to focus on other things.  The trees and the lake provided just that for a good hour or so. 

It gave me a glimpse of everyday Seattle life, if you will.  It also forced me to slow down, sit back and breathe.  We were in town to support F, and I felt that this route was her gift to us.

The city scape almost resembled San Francisco  (the view from Berkeley as you go towards the Bay Bridge coming from I-80).  One notable difference?  There were more trees!  Gavin, can we plant more trees in San Francisco?  Please.

Before we knew it, we were at our destination and away from the lake.  Back to reality. 

Our trip to Settle only lasted 36 hours, but based on the posts you see here, we enjoyed it.  The food, the flowers, the walk through the Pike Place Market. Everything. I even visited the first Starbucks store, and sipped my venti soy mocha at a nearby store to enjoy the hustle of tourists.  People watching.

If you ever have a list of places to visit in your lifetime, please add Seattle.  Amen. 


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