law school chronicles, part one (redux)

Ah, law school…

The best and worst years of my life.

I sometimes have dreams about the good ol’ days…
I wake up screaming and sweating.

I remember it like it was yesterday.
How can you forget:

-the reading lists (all this for just one day? Goody, just 572 pages for tomorrow! maybe I can squeeze in some sleep tonight). Oh, and there's a 20-page syllabus and that’s just for the intro part?

-the regimen – wake up at 7; study till 12 noon; lunch; resume studying from 1-3 pm; get ready for class after 3pm; attend class from 6-9ish; resume studying at 10 pm until midnight; lather, rinse, repeat. At least for the next 1,261 days or so.

- the dress code, “You mean I have to study and worry about what to wear to class?”

-those damn student cards being shuffled, and the professor randomly picking from the pile. There are days that you cannot pray hard enough not to be called; hating the sound of your name because it meant you had to stand up and try to recall 1 paragraph from the last 2,000 pages you read.

- hating the phrase, “What have you learned from this case?” Do you mean philosophically? What exactly do you mean?

- knowing everything about a case, and then forgetting even your own name the moment you are called “What is this case of People versus…?” (huh? Where am I?)

- the slow subtle nodding by the person in front of you to let you know that you’re on the right track and that you got it right.

- slowly nodding yourself to encourage the person behind or beside you (who was just called for recitation) that they are on the right track…by sheer willpower your peripheral vision was never more 20/20

- whispering sweet nothings like “convicted,” “reversed,” “on appeal,” and “affirmed the decision” to your seatmate to keep them on track. If you listen really carefully you will hear a full sentence when someone coughs

- the stupid things you say when everything you thought you knew slowly fades to black and is replaced by hyperventilation and nausea. Or, sometimes just nausea. Or, plain hyperventilation.

And, just when you thought the nausea was waning, the acute brutal cramping started...

...to be continued...

For my batch mates,

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