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An update on our backyard project!

After we stamped our concrete patio on the diagonal, we waited until we completed other phases of our project before sealing the patio.

After the rock garden was put in place and the sod given a chance to take root,  we visited our local hardware store to purchase 10 gallons of water-based concrete sealant.  Because we had stamped the concrete, we needed a roller suited for uneven surfaces (thickest, fluffiest roller brush we could find.)

One nice thick layer of sealant goes on top of the patio.  We made sure all the crevices were saturated with sealant.  According to the guy at the hardware store, this is key in giving the stamp definition.

We wait a couple of hours, and then another layer is applied.  Same concept - saturate every nook and cranny.

When the second layer dried, we applied another layer for good measure.  The hot afternoon sun made everything dry out faster.

It's okay to have some areas with thick sealant (white goop) as you see above.  It dries out clear so don't worry.

See that sheen? 
The sealant gave the patio a nice luster. 

The hardware store guy was right.  The stamping (slate effect) was emphasized. 


Not bad for a whole day's work.

Stay tuned for our big reveal - all the details of our backyard project from start to finish!


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