an exacta day at the races

For my father-in-law's birthday, we spent a day at the races. 

We didn't go to the open area (general seating) down below, but instead stayed at the glass-enclosed area
with a few very well-dressed individuals (complete with spring hats; indoors?).

For a while there I thought I was in Europe watching the horse races with Queen Elizabeth.

This is the view from our table.
The races started soon enough.
At least after this fella did his thing.
Love the boots, man!

As the horses paraded in front of us, the hunk in my life asked me what my choices were.

"Number 2 and Number 4 both look good"
So, the hunk bought these tickets. 
He figured Horse #4 would win first and Horese #2 would win second.

Then, they were off.

Off to chase a motorized rabbit to this finish line.
I kept looking for a ribbon across the line.
Apparently, they don't have those in horse races.

Imagine this --- Horse # 4 did place 1st, followed by Horse # 2.
The odds?  65 to 1.
The lesson?  I should have put $100 on each horse.

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