the colors of Seattle

Week #17
of our 52-week photography series.

Wonderful downtown Seattle, Washington.

The stars were in alignment during our brief visit.
The sun was out.  Not one drop of rain for 3 days.

Scenes from the Pike Place Market.

The colors just blew me away.

The hue and saturation seemed magnified 200 times.
It was not just the coffee I consumed that day.
I would like to submit these pictures in evidence.

Maybe I was expecting everything to be drab and dreary...?
Because everyone kept telling me that Seattle was usually rainy...

So, I was unprepared for the sun shining away...
and the splashes of color everywhere.

I have been to many farmers markets in the Bay Area, but everything at Pike Place was so compelling.

Clams, anyone?

I wanted to buy a quarter pound of everything to bring home to the kids.
Except my airline charges a kidney for checked in luggage...

And, when the hunger pangs hit...
There were a lot of options...

Colorful, intriguing options.

But true to form, I held out for the best of them....

Chocolate Bavarian Fudge cups...
Hello, my new best friend...


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