really, really old trains

Week #3
Black and (Antique) Whites with a dash of red.
These are old steam engines.
Really old.

Riding this train was a real treat for my son.
He is so into trains nowadays.
In fact, he can name most of the trains from Thomas the tank engine line.
I kid you not.

These steamies, a.k.a., steam engines were used during the early part of the 20th century
(late 1800s to early 1900s)

Mainly for transporting logs in Yosemite.
Yes, there was a time when we allowed giant sequoias to be cut down.


This was before the logging ban.
Before folks realized that deforestation was, um, not so good for Mother Earth.

 I'm glad that these trains are still fully functioning. 
I believe that their existence serves two purposes.
One purpose is to satisfy the bottomless curiosity of a child.
The other, to remind us adults of the folly of our ways.
Time, after all, is the best teacher.

Happy weekend folks!



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