11 Secret Santa Gift Exchange Ideas ($20 - $30 range)

We have several Christmas get-togethers this year.  Thank God for Secret Santa gift exchanges!  They make gift-giving easier and budget friendlier.

While researching gift ideas within the $20-30 range, I found a few items I would want for myself (or my kids) and thought to share with you...


Everyday Jewelry!  If you know your recipient's tastes, then this is the way to go.  Oftentimes, we women buy practical items and overlook the "nice-to-haves."  This is something just for us!  Garnet earrings ($28) from Jjill and lotus earrings ($28) from Sundance catalog.

I think every woman should have a set of  cards handy for those quick notes to friends and family.  These are so cute! These cards ($14.50 per set) are from Jjill

Nothing like a great scarf to complete an outfit.  Can be worn single layer in the spring months, and doubled up in the winter.  Striped scarf from Ann Taylor Loft ($29.50) and Lavender Bamboo scarf from JJill ($24.50 - on sale right now)


Perfect to bring to work, instead of popping $2 for a soda.  Earth friendly, too!  $25 for a set of 2.  Sundance Catalog

This is probably a given for most of you.  We love Best Buy and Apple, and I think most of the recipients would, too.   The great thing about these cards is that you don't have to go to the stores to get a card.  These are available in most supermarkets and drugstores in any denomination.

Accessories.  If the man in your life is like mine, he would not think of buying these necessities himself.  Scarf from Gap ($24.50), Beanie from Banana Republic ($29.50).  Both are of a medium weight which makes it wearable throughout winter, spring and cool summer nights.


Build-a-bear Stores.  Lately, we've been giving these gift cards for birthdays, and I thought these would also be perfect for the holidays.  The recipient can opt to go online and build their new bear, or drop by a store for the hands-on experience.  My first born has done both, and was equally happy with her online purchase.  And, if you're running late to the gift giving express - you can even send the card by email!

Art! We love art.  Art is awesome.  Your recipient will be engrossed in these gifts for a while.  And, here is where amazon.com comes in.  The website is a clearinghouse of art items from $6 upwards.  Free shipping over $25 for amazon.com items.   Apron, stamp set, paint set, paint by numbers all from Amazon.com.

 Legos!  This is another staple Christmas or birthday present for us.  So many options and themes to choose from.  Legos are also widely available at Walmart, Target and ToysRUs


Books!  I love dropping by either Barnes and Noble or Borders and go directly to their children's books sections to look up award winning books in every age range.  They have everything from sensory books for beginning readers to your Harry Potters.  For $20-30, you can buy a whole assortment.

Happy Christmas Shopping!


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