Green Living: microfiber cloths

For 2009, we promised to be nicer to mother earth (to at least balance out our bad years). We already have a system in place to cut down on using disposable plates and utensils, and wanted to take it a step further with cutting down on paper towels.

We discovered microfiber in 2008 and have a ton of these towels. We then created a system for using these in place of disposables.

In fact, we a bunch in have several colors. Color coding makes it easier, when you're in a hurry to get the job done.

Orange for floors. We use these together with a mop. Add some tap water, and presto...you have your floor cleaner. For messier spills, we add a teaspoon of Ecover floor soap to a bucket of water and dip a towel in the solution. Remember to wring the towel damp dry before you use it - you don't need a wet rag (for cleaning or life in general), and you don't want people tripping over a wet floor.

Blue for countertops and sinks. We spray a bit of Method granite countertop spray as needed. Otherwise, a damp towel will work wonders.

Green for dusting furniture, and other wood surfaces. These pick up dust really well.

We put used towels in the washer (cold cycle; 1/3 regular amount of detergent). Because they come out the washer just a tad damp, we let them air dry.

These are available at Target or Walmart. I got mine from ebay.

All part of our little *green* routine for mother earth.

Thanks for listening,
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